Privacy Policy

Updated May 2020

For Businesses

When you create a business profile on behalf of your company on Aframark or otherwise use our Website, we collect and process personal data about you, as a business user.

When we talk about “Aframark,” “we,” “us”, “Website“ or “our,” we mean

Aframark is the entity responsible for processing your personal data.


    1.1 Master Data

    While creating a business profile on behalf of your company on the Aframark website, we may gather the “Master Data” which will include your name, company address, company name, domain, country, an encrypted password, and your email ID. The Master data is mandatory, which implies that creating a business profile on the Website without providing the data will not be possible. You can also choose to add extra information to your business profile, like the industry of your company.

    1.2 Answers to the questions of users

    When you answer any question made by a user about your product, we may collect the information stated by you in the reply, including the details of the company and your name.

    1.3 Reports

    In case you report a question, we may collect the information you give to us in your report. The information can include the question you reported, the time and date of the report, the reason for the report, etc.

    1.4 Cookies

    Our Website makes use of cookies. Cookies identify your gadget or device rather than identifying you as an individual user. These cookies are utilized for various purposes. Read more further to learn more about which cookies our Website uses along with its purposes below under section 5.

    1.5 IP address, location, and browser settings

    During your visit to the Website, we may register the IP address and browser settings of your computer. The IP address means the numerical address of the laptop or computer used to visit or browse the Website. Browser settings include the kind of browser you use, the language of the browser, and the time zone. We may gather this information to trace the computer or laptop used in case of any unlawful action or misuse while visiting or using our Website. We may also make use of your IP address to approximate your place or location (at city level), to identify specifically which sections of our Terms & Conditions refer to your use of our Website.

    What purposes do we use your information?

    We will utilize the information given by you to:

    • Render our services to your company, which includes question notifications, Q&A widget on your website, answer invitation services, analytics and giving you access to the business profile of your company and our Website.
    • Identify you as a registered user whenever you log in to the account on our Website and re-visit it.
    • Verify the authenticity or legitimacy of your answers to the questions about your company or product.
    • Enhance our Website and services.
    • Reply to your questions and give relevant customer service.
    • Notify you when a new question asked on your product.
    • Send you our newsletters.
    • Engage in several internal business objectives, such as data analysis, audits, monitoring any scam and its prevention, producing new products and services, modifying or improving our Website or services, recognizing the trends of usage, determining the efficacy of our promotional drives and campaigns.
    • Follow the legal processes and requirements, requests from government and regulatory authorities, relevant industry standards, and our internal policies.
    • Implement our Terms & Conditions.
    • Protect our services or those of any of our affiliates or subsidiaries.
    • Preserve our rights, privacy, safety, and/or that of our affiliates, you, or others.
    • Allow us to proceed with available solutions or curb any damages that we sustain.


    2.1 Information for which we are the data controller

    We are the data controller of the information you provide to us "The Master Data," while creating and maintaining the company profile for your business. We are also the data controller of the information which is exposed or disclosed to the other services.

    2.2 Information for which you or your company are the data controller

    You will be the data controller for the content you want to reveal or disclose on the Website, incorporating the responses to users’ questions you write on the website.


    We save the Master Data and other personal information you provide for as long as your company will have a business profile or as required to accommodate you with our services. We will remove or delete this information upon your request and will only keep a record with the information which includes: your name, email ID, and the date of the deletion or removal of your Account. We will save the log for a certain time, deleting all other information.

    In a few cases, even if your company removes or deletes the business profile we may decide to retain some data (like your visits to our Website) in an anonymized or aggregated form.


    We employ sound technical, organizational, and administrative measures to keep your data secure within our organization and we keep auditing our system regularly for any vulnerabilities. However, as the internet is not completely safe and secure, we cannot guarantee or assure the safety of the information you provide to us. Emails transmitted through the Website may not be encrypted, and we, accordingly, recommend you not to enter any private or confidential information in your emails to us.


    Our Website uses cookies and related technologies (“Cookies”). By making use of our Website, you agree and allow that we may use Cookies as explained below.

    5.1 The Kinds Of Cookies We Use

    Cookies are tiny units of information that the Website puts on your Internet-connected browser device. Cookies comprise of information that the Website utilizes to make the interaction between you and your web browser more effective. The cookie does not recognize you as an individual user, but instead, it identifies your computer. Please note that HTML5 introduced Web Storage that carries a similar quality to the Cookies, and therefore, we consider that as a Cookie in the following. We make use of session cookies, HTML5 session Storage, persistent cookies, and HTML5 local Storage session cookies. Out of these HTML5 session Storage objects are not permanent in nature and are deleted once you log out of your web browser. Persistent cookies are permanent in nature which are stored and reside on your computer until they are manually deleted. However, Persistent cookies lapse or auto-delete after a specific time, which is fixed as per the cookie but are renewed every time you visit the Website. HTML5 local storage objects are also permanent and reside on your computer till the time they are deleted manually.

    5.2 Why We Make Use Of These Cookies?

    We use the Cookies for:

    Generating statistics
    Measuring the traffic on the website like the number of visits to the Website, the domains the visitors reach from, the pages they like to visit on the Website, and overall geographical regions the visitors.

    Monitoring your use of and the performance of our Website
    Monitoring the performance of the applications of the Website and your use of our Website and its applications.

    Authentication and enhancing the functionality of our Website
    Optimizing your experience with the Website, including remembering the username and password of your account when you get back to the Website and retaining all the information about your browser and preferences (like the language you prefer).

    Quality assurance
    Guaranteeing the quality of answers and to check misuse or malfunctions while writing answers or replies and using the Website.

    Targeted advertisements
    Displaying appropriate ads on the Website, which covers interest-based ads, which we consider might interest you. We use third-parties to present these ads whenever you visit our Website and any other websites. These third parties may employ cookies exclusively or in connection with web signals or other tracking technologies to gather information about your usage of our Website and other websites.

    5.3 Third-Party Cookies

    Third-party Cookies are installed by the third-party websites. When you browse our Website, the following third party Cookies may be installed:

    • Facebook cookies (when you log in to our Website using Facebook)
    • Google cookies (when you log in to our Website via Google)
    • Google AdSense cookies (while displaying suitably targeted ads on our Website). Please note that a few cookies may be installed as DoubleClick, which is a feature of Google.
    • Hotjar local Storage (set for managing the time and display of the surveys)
    • Google Remarketing (to display suitable ads on third-party sites)

    5.4 Deletion of Cookies

    In case you want to remove the cookies that are already on your devices, you can do it by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE simultaneously on your PC or more recent browser. If the shortcuts fail to work on your browser, please go to the support page for the browser in question. In case you do not allow or accept Cookies from our Website, you may encounter inconvenience while using the Website, and you may be restricted from efficiently accessing some of its features.


    We reserve the right or authority to make alterations to this Policy. The date displayed at the beginning of this Policy indicates the date of its last revision. If we make any substantial modifications to it, we will give notice through our Website, or by various other means, to enable you to review the revisions before bringing them into effect. In case you have any objections to the modifications made in the Policy, you have the right to close or delete your business profile. Your extended use of our Website after receiving a notice about the modifications to the Policy will indicate that you accept and have consented to the updated Policy.


    If you have any question or concern regarding our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

For End Users

When you ask a question or share an answer on Aframark or otherwise use our Website, we collect and process personal data about you. This document helps you understand what personal data we collect about you, how we collect it, what we use it for, and what rights you have regarding your personal data.

When we talk about “Aframark,” “we,” “us”, “Website“ or “our,” we mean all of Aframark's websites through or in connection with which you are accessing this Policy.


    Information we collect straight from you.

    We may gather your personal information straight from you, which will include your full-name & e-mail ID.

    Information gathered about you automatically.

    We can also automatically gather information through your usage of our Site and Services, with the help of some cookies and other technologies. This information may comprise of the information about your operating system, settings and configurations of the system, IP address, device model and ID, and other unique identifiers of the device. Along with that, we can gather all the information about you from the webpages you enter within our website or the website that directs you to our Site, the website to which you reach after leaving our Site, the time and date you access our Site.


    Our primary intent in gathering all information is to present you with the products and services that you or our clients ask about those which we believe will optimize your usage of the Site and Services or our clients’ use of our services. Also, you acknowledge that we may make use of your data, including Personal Information, for the purposes written below:.

    • To personalize your user experience (the information about you helps us to respond to your specific requirements in a better way).
    • To analyze and enhance our website and services (we regularly try to improve our Site and product offerings based upon the data and feedback we get from you).
    • To send email notifications.
    • To comply with appropriate legal obligations, inclusive of answering to the informal requests for data from governmental authorities, and to keep a check on the activities we consider to be potentially illegal.
    • To verify your identity when required legally, for instance, before giving you access to your Personal Information or to check the authenticity of a response you gave regarding a product query.
    • For the effective implementation of this Privacy Policy and/or our Terms of Service or any additional purpose referred to in the document internally, including to protect the rights of our customers, their end-users, and the overall public.
      We may also utilize the Information that has been made anonymous and/or aggregated for purposes not otherwise mentioned above.

    We do not transfer, sell, or otherwise give your Personal Information to outside parties without having your permission or consent or as otherwise outlined in this Privacy Policy. That does not mean that it includes our trusted third parties who support us in the proper functioning of the site, managing our business, servicing you in connection with the preceding, or otherwise assist us or carry out functions on our behalf, only as long as those third parties give their consent to keep all this information confidential. We may also have to provide your information to the existing or future affiliates, parent organizations, or subsidiaries. In case we are taken by or merged with some other company, or we have to sell or transfer a unit of business or assets to another organization (as a part of the insolvency process), we may also have to disclose your information. Furthermore, we may disclose your data when it would be appropriate to abide by the law, impose the policies of our site, or guard ours or others’ rights, claims, property, or safety. However, we may reveal anonymous and/or aggregated data to other parties for advertising, marketing, or other applications. Our clients whose site or platform, you use, during the services will also have access to your Personal Information.

    Please refer to the privacy policy on the websites of the third parties for additional knowledge about how they gather and process your Personal Information.


    We take extra technical and organizational measures to protect against illegal or unauthorized processing of your Personal Information and accidental harm or loss of, or damage to, your Personal Information. However, to guard your privacy we recommend you to: (1) keep a check on unauthorized access to your use of the Site; (2) make sure no one else uses the website while the user’s device is “logged on” to the Site; (3) log-out from or leave the website when not in use; and (4) keep your password or other access information hidden or secret where ever possible. We do not save credit card digits or related identifying information on any server of our website.


    Right of Access and Revision.

    You have the right to learn about what Personal Information we gather about you and to make sure that such data is correct and appropriate for the objectives for which Aframark collected it. We provide our users with the option to access and receive a copy of their Personal Information and rectify the same if it is not correct, complete, or updated. However, you may first require to provide us with some credentials to authorize us to identify your Personal Information.

    Right to Remove or Delete Personal Information or Confine Processing.

    You have the right to remove your Personal Information or check its processing. We may suspend or reject your appeal if your Personal Information is currently in use for the reasons it was collected or for other lawful purposes like agreement with legal obligations.

    Right to Withdraw your Approval or Consent.

    You have the right to remove the consent that you have given to processing your personal information. Using this right will not influence or impact the authenticity of processing your Personal Information based upon your approval before its removal.

    You may exercise these rights or ask any question about your rights by creating a request ticket in Aframark's support ticketing system at