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We are Aframark, a cloud based platform that collects & displays product questions & answers on websites. We are the only solution provider that syndicates Q&A in real-time and allows the user-generated content improve sales conversions.

What we do?

For you

We know online marketing can get complicated. And sometimes it gets beyond your control. Say goodbye to searching a right solution until the wee hours.

Aframark is fast to install, simple to use and easy to maintain. Aframark connects retailers and customers so you can leverage the value of authentic user-generated content which results in better rankings, more traffic and hence better business growth.

Moreover, our expert support staff lives and breathes this stuff. So you can always rely on us to get answers to all your queries!

For Your Customers

Give your customers the convenience to get answers from retailers and fellow purchasers and even post new questions of their own.

A combined pool of product questions amplifies the speed for getting appropriate answers faster. This helps your customers to take faster purchase decision which means increased sales for you!

For Your Community

Grow into something great, together! Our software creates a collaborative environment for your community where you all can work and grow together.

You, your associated retailers and your customers can all benefit from the combined pool of answers. Our platform syncs everything in real time – so there’s no downtime for anyone for updating anything.

how we started!

The story is short & simple.

Aframark’s founder with more than 10 years of eCommerce + Marketing experience often get requests from merchants for improving sales conversion & rankings through user-generated content.

It was always Reinventing the wheel kind of job with every new retailer and it takes a lot amount of work to get a sufficient level of user-generated content for each retailer.

This problem sparks an idea for Aframark and our founder begin work on creating a cloud based Q&A solution with real-time syndication.

Where do
we go from here!

Aframark is a bunch of passionate people working towards one single goal – helping online businesses become their best!

we are on a clear mission to facilitate the creation, usage and distribution of authentic user-generated content.

For people, we aim to provide a place where they can collaborate with their fellow consumers and share their knowledge. And for businesses, we aim to help them earn a significant place in the digital place and shoot up their revenues!

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