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What is Aframark?

Q&A Syndication

Aframark is the only solution that syndicates Q&A in real-time and benefits all the retailers within its community. Whether you have a store with low traffic or the one with very high user flow, It delivers faster answers to all the purchase blocking customer questions.

Syndicated Q&A
I am thinking of buying this shoe. Not sure if they are good for training?
Asked on shoe.com
I have been using them from 2 months and they are great for training.
Answered on myfitness.com


  • Customer Questions
  • Easy Answers
  • Moderation
  • Analytics
  • Widget Look n Feel
  • Import Q&A
  • SEO

A simple to use Q&A widget that helps the shoppers to find the right answers and thereby promoting sales. For a given product of interest, a shopper can search all the Q&A available on Aframark community or post a new question, which gets instantly available to entire Aframark community to answer.

Shopper would also get notifications about new posted answers, if they opted for that.

Collecting answers with Aframark is fast & convenient. There are multiple sources of receiving answers for product questions. Every question is shared amongst the pool of associated retailers, past purchasers & our team of experts.

Providing answers is even more easy. Retailers & Purchasers can provide answers via email or a simple web form. Retailers can even share their answers using the Aframark control panel.

Aframark Q&A includes an unmatched moderation algorithm that filters every question & answer to detect potential profanity and spams in more than 100 languages.

Auto-moderation eliminate the need to manual checks and making sure right content is delivered to right people in less-time.

Even though a strong auto-moderation system in place, we do have an additional manual quality check in place for proper system training. Our team of experts continuously monitor the questionable content and take necessary actions when required.

Every merchant also have a control over each question published on its store. They can anytime unpublish a question that they don't want to be visible on the store.

Analytics uncover the important information that is missing from your product descriptions.

It highlights the most frequently asked questions for a product which helps you in improving your production descriptions and thereby improving the sales conversions.

4th Feature - Analytics

Though the Q&A widget is already designed based on data validation and is very user-friendly but you still have an option to customise the look 'n' feel of it using the Aframark control panel.

5th Feature - Widget Look n Feel

Migrating from an existing Q&A solution to Aframark? No problems.

You can always import your existing product Q&A using a simple importer.

User-generated content is very helpful in improving SEO rankings. Aframark Q&A will keep giving new and relevant content to search engines resulting in more organic traffic to your store.

More and more products will get discovered using the long-tail keywords included within questions & answers.


Simple plans for everyone


$0/ Free

  • 20 products
  • Upto 25 orders per month
  • Reports

$39/ mo

  • 200 products
  • Upto 250 orders per month
  • Analytics
  • Q&A Import
  • Widget Customization

$199/ mo

  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited orders per month
  • Analytics
  • Q&A Import
  • Widget Customization
  • Dedicated Success Manager

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As of now, Aframark can be integrated with Magento 2 only. We are soon launching integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Volusion & Prestashop.